What is Huperzia Serrata?

Huperzia Serrata extractWhat is a herb, and do we really understand herbs? A herb can be anything which can be used a remedy to treat a medical condition. It does not have to be a herb like lavender or rosemary. Trees can be a herb and so can a moss. As a matter of fact, mosses have been used for a long time in the treatment of a range of conditions and we are looking here about one moss in particular, Huperzia Serrata.

We don’t actually know that much about moss. It is one of those areas scientists have not really studied, but the world is full of different species of moss. This makes moss an untapped source of knowledge.

Where Do Mosses Grow?

A moss can grow almost anywhere. It is one of the first plants and the fossil record goes back for million of years. Today, mosses can be found growing almost anywhere. We often ignore them as they are all small and don’t flower. However, mosses can be used in your garden or your indoor planting set up. They do particularly well in bottle gardens.

Huperzia Serrata

What is Huperzia Serrata? Chinese medicine do not only use leaves, roots and flower, it also uses varieties of moss. The moss Huperzia Serrata can be found all over Asia, and it is thought to have traveled to India via the old Silk road.

It is often said that this is a very rare moss. In the wild, Huperzia Serrata is a rather rare moss, but it is actually one of the few mosses which is cultivated in both China and Japan. It can be found cultivated in Japanese gardens where it is used to cover rocks and even used as ground cover. The famous moss garden in Kyoto Japan contains Huperzia Serrata. This tall moss is used to collect moisture and famous for its tall shoots. In the West in it known as Toothed clubmoss and not very often seen in gardens.

Taking a Look at Mosses

We are always trying to explore plant species for their health benefits. Huperzia Serrata is not any different. As it is so easy to grow, scientists have started to take a closer look at it along with other mosses.

The truth is that nothing is really new when it comes to medicine. Most of the drugs which are on our shelves today have their origins in ancient herbal knowledge. Huperzia Serrata is not any different. It is just one of the many mosses which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. According to TCM, it was used to treat persons who suffered from dementia and poor memory function. This is what prompted scientists to take a closer look. They found that Huperzia Serrata contains an alkaloid called Huperzine A. New research shows that there is a good chance that this alkaloid can help to improve memory, focus and may even help to treat dementia disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

So, what is Huperzia Serrata? Apart from being pretty to look at, and benefiting your moss garden, it can hopefully help to benefit your brain function as well. It grows quickly, and when grown and harvested under laboratory conditions, the level of Huperzine A increases. Simply put, we should never underestimate the health benefits found in nature.