Hip And Ankle Joint Mobility

Here Is How Each Joint Within Our Body Should Function.

Ankle should be mobile
Knee should be stable
Hip should be mobile
Lumber spine should be stable
Thoracic spine should be mobile
Scapula should be stable
Gleno-humeral should be mobile

If the joints that are supposed to be mobile are not then the joints that are meant to be stable will not be stable they will be used as if they are mobile.
Can you see the problem; the joints that are not supposed to be mobile are being used as if they are. This will create pain.
When we lose ankle mobility, we get knee pain
When we lose hip mobility, we get back pain
We know that these should be mobile, so why do they become immobile for so many people?

Basically, this is because the ankle and the hip are not used. We wear shoes that stop are feet from adapting to different surfaces, so they don’t need to be mobile and we sit down all day with no movement through the hips while are lower back gets ridiculously tight and makes your hips stable.

When the ankle is no longer mobile, instead of taking the impacts of connecting with the earth it sends the impact to the knee instead, and the same happens with the hips, the force is transmitted to the lumbar spine.

So these areas take the impacts intended for other joints and so it causes pain.

So How Can You Become Mobile Again?

It is as simple as moving the joint the way it was intended. However, if you haven’t mobilized your ankles and hips for a while, most likely the joint will now be compressed. What I mean by this is the joints are jammed together and will seem like there cemented in place.
So you need to decompress the joint, basically remove the two joints away from each other slightly so the joints have more room to move around. I would advise you get a specialized in kinetic chain assessment to do this for you. Once this is done, you will find that it is a lot easier to push the joint and mobility drills will be far more productive.
To mobilise the ankle, start by moving the foot in an up and down motion, pointing the toes up and then pointing them down. Next draw circles with your foot rotating through the ankle joint go one way and then the other and then to finish by shaking the foot off as if it has water on it.
To mobilize the hip joint, imagine you are hula hooping and take your hips round in large circles trying to push the hips all the way forwards, backward and out to the sides. Next, tilt the pelvis up at the front and then down at the back. This will start to get your hips mobile again