Hernia Types And Treatment

Many individuals suffer from a hernia. This is a situation that involves a certain amount of fat based tissue or an organ in the body to protrude through muscles in the body or connective based tissue due to a spot that is considered to be weak. The weak spots are identified as “Fascia” by medical professionals.
It has been established that pressure as well as openings in the muscles and/or connective tissue are to blame for the onset of a hernia. In many cases, the presence of an opening as well as pressure in the fascia is to blame for this medical condition. In this article, you will learn important facts pertaining to a hernia.

Pressure and Openings
As mentioned previously, a hernia typically develops as a direct result of pressure or a result of an opening in the body that is present on the muscles or on the tissues. These weak spots where hernias are able to develop occur for many different reasons. In many cases, it is believed that the weakness is present when the sufferer was born.

In other cases, it is believed that poor nutrition may contribute to the weakness. Lifestyle choices such as smoking may also contribute to this type of complication. Many individuals that place pressure on themselves may develop a hernia.

Physical overexertion, being overweight, and even lifting items that are heavy in nature may cause weaknesses in the muscles and the tissues of the body. Gastrointestinal complications such as constipation and bouts of diarrhea may also assist in weakening these areas of the body.

Most Common Types of Hernias

There are several different types of hernias that an individual may suffer from. The following indicates the types of complications that one may suffer from when they experience the various most common types of hernias:
The first type of hernia that someone may suffer from is one that is identified as a femoral hernia. These are very common among those that are pregnant or are considered to be overweight. There is a canal that contains an artery called a femoral and when one suffers from the hernia in this region, it means it bulges into that canal of the body.

The inguinal hernia is the next type of hernia. This means that the intestine of the body or even the bladder bulge through on the canal in the groin area or into the wall of the abdomen. This is considered to be the most common type and is experienced more by males than females.

The hiatal hernia is also a common type of hernia for many sufferers. The hiatus is an opening that is located in the region of the diaphragm in the body. This is where the esophagus is located. In this type of hernia, the upper region of the stomach invades the hiatus.

If you suffer from a hernia, there are treatments for the condition. You should contact a medical professional in order to have the diagnosis confirmed. Once confirmed, a treatment regimen could be agreed upon.