Herbal Remedies Safety First

It is vital to remember that using herbal treatments for any medical condition must be done as a supplement to conventional health care, and not as a replacement for visiting your doctor. Never attempt to self diagnose and treat with herbs, as this can lead to much greater health problems.

When reading about herbs and herbal supplements you will come across comments like “may help”, “May be effective for”, “might ease” and other words to this effect. The reason for using these terms is that the FDA has passed a law limiting the claims that can be made about any herbal treatment. Any new drugs made by a pharmaceutical company have cost millions of dollars and many years of research before they can be made available to the public. Herbs would have to undergo the same testing before anyone can make an absolute claim that any herb “will work” to cure or prevent any disease.

But of course herbal treatments have been used for thousands of years and their benefits recorded, so even though herbs have not been tested in laboratories the same as modern medicines, the proof of their success is in the history of their use.
Many of the modern medicines have been developed by using the properties of herbs as the base for their drugs. The herbal supplement industry is growing larger every year as more people and doctors look for natural remedies and are using herbal treatments for many health issues.

Safety First Herbal Remedies

Please remember the following guidelines when using herbal treatments:-

Always consult with your doctor or a herbalist before starting an herbal treatment.
Never try to self diagnose any health issues your may have.
If you are using herbs then you must advise your doctor as some herbs can react with modern medicines and reduce their effectiveness in treating your illnesses.
Many herbs should not be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers, so again, seek advise.
Do not used herbal remedies on the very young
Always start at the lowest recommended dosage to determine your sensitivity to the herb and only increase the dosage if no adverse effects are found.
If you do happen to have any adverse side effects then stop using the herbs immediately
Stop using the herbs if no results are seen within 2 to 3 weeks
Only use herbs of the best quality and purity

Alternative herbal remedies are natural medicines that have been used for thousands of years to treat ailments such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, canker sores and blisters, and we find in this modern day we have problems like ADD and ADHD that may also respond well to natural treatments.
There are many books about herbs that can teach you how they can help, and the best way to use them. This is a very big subject and will require a lot of research to get the best information available on herbs and their healing abilities.
Do not think that taking more of a herb will work better if a small amount has helped in the past, this is not always correct and can even worsen a condition.
Herbal treatments will only work well for you if you use them correctly, so again do your research and if in the slightest doubt about any herb and its properties then seek professional advise.