Hip And Ankle Joint Mobility

Here Is How Each Joint Within Our Body Should Function.

Ankle should be mobile
Knee should be stable
Hip should be mobile
Lumber spine should be stable
Thoracic spine should be mobile
Scapula should be stable
Gleno-humeral should be mobile

If the joints that are supposed to be mobile are not then the joints that are meant to be stable will not be stable they will be used as if they are mobile.
Can you see the problem; the joints that are not supposed to be mobile are being used as if they are. This will create pain.
When we lose ankle mobility, we get knee pain
When we lose hip mobility, we get back pain
We know that these should be mobile, so why do they become immobile for so many people?

Basically, this is because the ankle and the hip are not used. We wear shoes that stop are feet from adapting to different surfaces, so they don’t need to be mobile and we sit down all day with no movement through the hips while are lower back gets ridiculously tight and makes your hips stable. Continue Reading

Hernia Types And Treatment

Many individuals suffer from a hernia. This is a situation that involves a certain amount of fat based tissue or an organ in the body to protrude through muscles in the body or connective based tissue due to a spot that is considered to be weak. The weak spots are identified as “Fascia” by medical professionals.
It has been established that pressure as well as openings in the muscles and/or connective tissue are to blame for the onset of a hernia. In many cases, the presence of an opening as well as pressure in the fascia is to blame for this medical condition. In this article, you will learn important facts pertaining to a hernia.

Pressure and Openings
As mentioned previously, a hernia typically develops as a direct result of pressure or a result of an opening in the body that is present on the muscles or on the tissues. These weak spots where hernias are able to develop occur for many different reasons. In many cases, it is believed that the weakness is present when the sufferer was born.

In other cases, it is believed that poor nutrition may contribute to the weakness. Lifestyle choices such as smoking may also contribute to this type of complication. Many individuals that place pressure on themselves may develop a hernia. Continue Reading

Herbal Remedies Safety First

It is vital to remember that using herbal treatments for any medical condition must be done as a supplement to conventional health care, and not as a replacement for visiting your doctor. Never attempt to self diagnose and treat with herbs, as this can lead to much greater health problems.

When reading about herbs and herbal supplements you will come across comments like “may help”, “May be effective for”, “might ease” and other words to this effect. The reason for using these terms is that the FDA has passed a law limiting the claims that can be made about any herbal treatment. Any new drugs made by a pharmaceutical company have cost millions of dollars and many years of research before they can be made available to the public. Herbs would have to undergo the same testing before anyone can make an absolute claim that any herb “will work” to cure or prevent any disease.

But of course herbal treatments have been used for thousands of years and their benefits recorded, so even though herbs have not been tested in laboratories the same as modern medicines, the proof of their success is in the history of their use.
Many of the modern medicines have been developed by using the properties of herbs as the base for their drugs. The herbal supplement industry is growing larger every year as more people and doctors look for natural remedies and are using herbal treatments for many health issues. Continue Reading

Causes And Treatment For Nail Fungus

A lot of questions about toenail fungus are pointing towards the multi-billion industry of nail fungus treatments. In 2010, a study was conducted as to why there is still a general problem in eliminating nail fungus infection. If our technology is continually improving and we can send some space trips to study the stars and other planets, why isn’t there an ultimate way to stop this infection?

Causes of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus or Onychomycosis infected a person once there is an opening on his skin either through a cut or wound and exposed to an environment where fungi are active. Dermatophytes, molds, and Candida are the three types of fungi that cause nail fungal infection.
Fungi are more active in damp, warm, and dark places like your  pair of sneakers. The spread of fungus spores is greatly facilitated when there is moisture or water vapor in the area.
Fungi are also immobile, so there is no reason that they could go after you. You can only get them when you go to places where they live or when someone else carries their spores near your wound. An example is when someone with fungal infection borrows your shoes, and you wear them without proper sanitation.
Those fungus spores are microscopic, so there is no way that you can avoid them using your bare eyes. The best thing to do is to stay away as much as possible from places or situations where there is an active fungal activity going on.
Once the fungus has finally entered the opening of your skin, it will slowly eat up some of the live cells. You will begin to see your nails becoming crumbly or flaky. Discoloration is also evident. You may be able to see a yellowish or a white build up on your nail plate. When this happens, it is best to see your doctor to get treatment for toenail fungus.

What Are The Options When It Comes To Nail Fungus Treatments?

There are basically two types of treatments that we can use against toenail fungus. One is taken orally, and one is applied externally.
Treatments that are orally taken are in the form of capsules or tablets. Since they are indirectly working on the spot of infection, they require a higher dosage. According to research, it takes 3-6 months to eliminate Onychomycosis with this method. However, most people do not want to use this treatment because there is a high risk of having serious and dangerous side effects on the liver. Regular medical monitoring by your doctor is needed.
On the other hand, treatments that are applied externally are considered the safest way to kill the fungus. Most of them are made from carefully formulated organic ingredients which make them free from side effects. Instructions should be followed correctly for these kinds of treatments to get good results.
How about laser treatment, is it reliable?
Laser treatment for toenail fungus is still an immature procedure. It was just recently approved as a treatment for nail fungal infection. There is a need for more research on this method.

The Benefits of Brain Supplements

Countless research and studies have been devoted to finding the best kinds of brain supplements to effectively enhance human brain function. With the prevalence of different brain-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, the call for a treatment solution to keep people sharp and mentally fit for years has never been as loud as before. Over the years, various natural and organic food-for-the-brain products have emerged and claimed to be able to help improve memory and focus, but, in reality, it takes more than that to achieve a good mental health.

Natural Brain Supplements

As people grow older, they become at higher risk for memory loss. Every year, more and more fall victims to this medical condition, as an effective treatment has yet to be discovered. Prescription drugs for patients are quite expensive, and because not a lot can afford these, many end up living and suffering this disease until the end of their lives.

Nowadays, there is an assortment of brain supplements that are advertised to have the ability to boost brain power. Many of them show promise, as scientists have found them to contain chemicals that can indeed work on the brain and produce positive results. Continue Reading

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a vague and complicated disorder characterized by the onset of extreme fatigue that cannot be rationally explained by any underlying medical condition. Physical or mental activity may worsen the severe and debilitating fatigue but oddly does not improve with rest.

The specific, unknown cause of chronic fatigue syndrome has baffled the medical community, although there are many theories — ranging from psychological stress, being born with a genetic predisposition, triggers prompted from an operation or an accident to viral infections.

The majority of experts agree that chronic fatigue syndrome may well be triggered by a combination of factors. The diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is complicated and cannot be confirmed as there is still no single quantitative test to verify this disorder and there is no simple cure. A variety of medical tests need to executed to rule out as the accepted symptoms of CFS can mimic so many other health problems. So you may need to be patient while waiting for an accurate diagnosis. Continue Reading

Sleep Aids To A Good Nights Sleep

Just like food, sleep is an important requirement to the body. Even though it is not an energy source, it assists the body to reenergize and have strength for the following day. Some people think that sleep is somewhat unimportant. Those that think so should know that sleep is more than merely lying on the bed on ones back, it is how one regains the most prized energy. This is why a good night sleep is so important, to an extent that if one lacks a good sleep, it is necessary to use sleep aids. These aids act as the ultimate source to get a great sleep, gain energy and improve one’s health and fitness

How Sleep is Induced

Sleep is induced by the presence of a naturally occurring substance in the brain known as melatonin. Its production is highest at night, its production acts as a signal to the body that it is time for sleep. People with insomnia naturally have an insufficient production of melatonin. Their bodies will therefore not shift to a restful sleep. Instead, they should opt for the sleep aid medication that can increase melatonin and cause sleep.

A Good Night’s Sleep

By using sleep remedies, one can get a good night’s sleep and the pleasant feeling of being refreshed and energized. Anyone that has gone without sleep even for one night can attest to the fatigue feeling. It gets worse when it is for more than one night. Symptoms of an insufficient amount of sleep include irritability, slowed reaction and a reduced ability to focus. Continue Reading


Types Of Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear of something animate or inanimate and the reasons why some people suffer from them is very complex.

You might be among the many people who suffer from social phobia. People with social phobias prefer to be left alone so they don’t need to handle the anxiety due to social interaction. Through dream therapy, people who suffer from a social phobia will learn why they’re making mistakes, and the way to correct their behavior. There are a number of other particular phobias linked to Social Anxiety Disorder, (S.A.D.), but our concern inside this article is to take a look at the various, acceptable treatments out there.

Individuals that have social phobia normally have a hard time holding down jobs. It is caused by a combination of environmental and physical factors. It is a condition that should be treated right away, since communicating with people is something that humans naturally do in order to survive. Social phobias and agoraphobia have more complicated causes which are not entirely known at the moment. Continue Reading

Find Out About Joint Pain

Joint pain

Whispered Joint Pain Secrets

Joint pain may be caused by of number of reasons, and it may keep you off from work, particularly when the pain is severe. Let’s take a close look at several of the source of joint pain.

In case the pain is unbearable you can take advantage of pain killers to heal the condition temporarily. It’s known to cut back moderate joint pain. Continue Reading

What is Huperzia Serrata?

Huperzia Serrata extractWhat is a herb, and do we really understand herbs? A herb can be anything which can be used a remedy to treat a medical condition. It does not have to be a herb like lavender or rosemary. Trees can be a herb and so can a moss. As a matter of fact, mosses have been used for a long time in the treatment of a range of conditions and we are looking here about one moss in particular, Huperzia Serrata.

We don’t actually know that much about moss. It is one of those areas scientists have not really studied, but the world is full of different species of moss. This makes moss an untapped source of knowledge.

Where Do Mosses Grow?

A moss can grow almost anywhere. It is one of the first plants and the fossil record goes back for million of years. Today, mosses can be found growing almost anywhere. We often ignore them as they are all small and don’t flower. However, mosses can be used in your garden or your indoor planting set up. They do particularly well in bottle gardens.